The Pottery and Porcelain Club, Inc.

 Welcome to the Pottery and Porcelain Club!​

Founded in 1947 to study and promote interest in pottery and porcelain, we welcome your interest!

Dear Pottery and Porcelain Club Members and Friends:

I hope everyone is coping with our new normal.

At least we can enjoy this lovely weather so things could always be worse!  We do have a lot to be thankful for as I often remind myself.

Daisy has been working quite diligently these past months to provide us with the quality of programming that we are used to.

Another thing to be thankful for!

We have had to pivot (seems like the new buzz word) so there will be some changes from our previous format.

Get ready to Zoom!  This means enjoying lectures from the comfort and safety of your own home. If you haven’t participated in a Zoom lecture it’s very easy.  Of course nothing is easy if you have never done it and we will be sending you instructions ahead of each lecture.

We have planned Zoom meetings through our February program and then we will re-evaluate the situation to either continue our Zoom format or return to the RISD Auditorium.

In addition, we  have a special surprise in store for our “Holiday Party” this year!

You will find out in our Program Booklet which will be mailed to you in the end of August along with our dues mailer.

So stay safe , watch for your Program Booklet in the mail, and remain thankful.


With all good wishes,

Beth Weiss

President, Pottery and Porcelain Club of RI

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